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How to Hold Space for Yourself During Your Child’s Emotional Storms

Staying connected to our wise mind during our child’s emotional storms can be one of the most challenging parts of parenting. That’s because the depth your emotions were not held during your own childhood shapes the depth of the inner child wounding that will be awakened. Learning the tools to create a neuroception of safety within us is essential…

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Welcoming Your Inner Child Parts

During our most challenging parenting moments, each charged emotion is our inner child calling out to be seen and held by us. Our implicit, or unconscious, childhood memories are like orphaned children, who are frozen in time. These young inner parts communicate with us through the charged feelings and sensations in our body. Each inner…

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The 8 Invitations of Heartful Motherhood

So Hello beautiful heart! What does it really mean to embrace heartful motherhood? Heartful motherhood is a sacred honouring of how the journey of parenting allows us to find our way back home to ourself. To be heartful means to open to flow in full heart connection with ourself and with others. It is an…

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