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“The awakened parent steps back
& allows their child’s spirit to unfold”

- Dr Shefali Tsabary

Conscious Parenting

There is no greater vehicle of transformation than the journey of motherhood.

Motherhood is a sacred journey of awakening our true self through the mirror offered by our children to our childhood wounds and unmet needs. We are called to shine a light inwards to re-parent ourselves so that we can be deeply presence to the essence of our who our child truly is.

The greatest gift we will ever give our children and ourselves is to do our own inner healing work.

I help support mothers to learn conscious and compassionate parenting practices which deepen their self-connection. It's where brain science meets heart, body and soul wisdom and embodied self compassion.

As mothers we need to make space to nourish ourselves and connect deeply within so that we can raise children who feel connected with their own essence. By slowing down, we can feel more space and stillness inside, discovering the freedom to respond in new ways.

Parenting takes us to places within ourselves that we would rather avoid.

Yet, in turning towards ourselves, we discover the gifts hidden without our pain.

Sometimes we need the support and warm presence of another to  help accompany us into our darkest, shadow parts. I'm here to create a safe haven where all parts can be welcomed, seen, acknowledged and reclaimed.

I'll help you learn how to become a safe haven for your child and the anchor of co-regulation.

I offer gentle, respectful parenting approaches which are centred on the parent-child connection and attachment.

I guide parents to understand the brain science and learn how to honour their child's inbuilt healing mechanism of tears and laughter play.

By deeply attuning to our child's feelings and gently holding space whilst they cry, we enable them to release stored feelings and stress inside and return to balance, which nurtures their resiliency.

My approach is founded on creating more safety within our own nervous systems as parents, so that we can nurture that felt sense of safety within our child.

By becoming aware of your parenting triggers, you can free yourself from old patterns and discover more ease and inner peace.

When we do our own inner work, there is a ripple effect where things begin shifting for our child.


The Gifts of Raising Your Highly Sensitive Child

I specialise in supporting parents who are raising highly sensitive children, often with special needs, labels and challenging behaviour.

Some of the challenges your child may be experiencing

  • Fears and anxiety
  • Sleep challenges
  • Tears, tantrums, meltdowns or rages
  • Aggression (such as biting, hitting, spitting, swearing)
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Trauma

My own pathway of healing and transformation was opened from raising a highly sensitive child.

That's why I'm dedicated to supporting other families raising highly sensitive children to learn new parenting paradigms that will transform the parent-child relationship.

I believe that raising highly sensitive children brings profound gifts. And sometimes we all need a little support in helping to recognise the gifts within the struggle.

I offer an integrated approach which fuses attachment, neuroscience, trauma informed and conscious parenting.

This approach incorporates: embodiment practices, mindfulness, self-compassion, brain science, compassionate communication, conscious parenting and attachment play.

Some of the benefits you can have

  • Embracing motherhood as a journey of transformation into your most authentic self
  • Transforming the parent-child relationship
  • Connecting more deeply to your essence and your child's essence
  • Understanding your child's brain so you can respond more effectively to their need
  • Honouring your child's emotional expression as a natural recovery process
  • Attuning to the underlying needs beneath challenging behaviours.
  • Embracing connection and play to heal challenging behaviours
  • Supporting your child to release anger in healthy ways
  • Healing old patterns that prevent you from connecting with your child


I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling specialising in Trauma and Family Counselling. Additional training and workshops include:

  • 3 year Somatic Experiencing Professional training (body-based trauma healing modality)
  • Hand In Hand Parenting Professional Intensive
  • Certified Aware Parenting Instructor
  • Conscious Parenting with Dr Shefali Tsabary
  • Parenting Beyond Consequences, Logic and Control with Heather Forbes
  • Depth Empathy Program Interpersonal Neurobiology
  • Parenting With Presence with Susan Stiffleman

Sessions are available in person, phone and on Skype.

Kind Words

“I find Francesca to be one of the most compassionate and empathic people I know. In our conversations, I have experienced so much care and giving from her. Her impeccable compassion, her deep understanding of Aware Parenting, her care for parents, and the profound journey she has been on herself as a parent, all combine in ways that I imagine will be of great service to many parents, families and children. I have witnessed her desire to keep growing and learning, both as a mother and in a professional capacity”
- Marion Rose

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