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"The wound is the place
where the light enters you"

- Rumi

Somatic Psychotherapy

I specialise in supporting women to deepen their connection with their hearts and bodies. I will guide you to reclaim your innate body wisdom through learning the language of your body and creating a safe haven within.

During my healing sessions, I tune into what your body is needing for integration, drawing upon my training in psychotherapy and somatic healing practices.

We work at the level beneath conscious awareness to facilitate deep healing. I hold a sacred space where you can learn to follow your inner wisdom and listen deeply to the messages of your heart, soul and body. To listen to the stories held within the body that are seeking to be released and reauthored.

It's time to let go of pushing and struggling to soften into a deep trust in your own body and soul wisdom.

I hold the intention of honouring the wholeness that is already within you.

You have everything you need inside you.

I believe wholeheartedly there is an innate wisdom for healing within each of us. My healing sessions are about creating a safe space where you can begin to gently explore all the different parts of yourself and receive the gifts they hold.

When you slow down and listen to the messages from your body, heart, soul and spirit, you begin to live by the compass of your awakened heart. Slowly, over time, these new experiences help open new healing pathways within.

It's a journey of




And shedding the masks we have learnt to wear and the conditioning we absorbed from our family and culture.

So that we can come back to our authentic self and to know ourselves deeply.

You can free your past & reclaim your lifeforce energy.

Old stress and trauma that is stuck in the body can lead you to feel disconnected from your sense of self and the wisdom of your body.

I will support you to connect to your body's natural resiliency by releasing trauma and stress being held in your body.

This will enable you to reclaim your life force energy and be your most vibrant self.

This approach is based on the body-based trauma healing modality, Somatic Experiencing, developed by Peter Levine.

During a session, I will help support you to learn to notice your body sensations.

We follow your body and go to the place underneath your words, where there is another story contained within your cells.

From this place, you can release your past and allow a new narrative to emerge, anchored in your most resilient and vibrant self.

Some of the benefits you may experience include:

  • Connecting deeply to your body wisdom and intuition
  • Releasing guilt and self-sacrifice
  • Reclaiming your inner voice
  • Nourishing your body and soul through self care
  • Honouring healthy boundaries
  • Embodying self-compassion and unfolding into more warmth for yourself
  • Connecting to your passions and soul purpose
  • Cultivating more meaningful relationships

Sessions are available in person, phone and on Skype/Zoom.

Kind Words

“Francesca offered the greatest sense of felt safety, in which I felt comfortable to share my deepest, most vulnerable, parts of self. Francesca has an uncanny ability to hold all parts that come up in sessions with such tenderness and care. I found it so incredibly refreshing to feel able to honestly share these parts of myself that I had felt the need to hide for so long, to feel her understanding and deep acceptance of them, and in turn to feel more accepting of them myself. What Francesca has to offer seems so unique and powerful to me, and touched me in ways that other therapeutic experiences haven't.”  - Client (name withheld for privacy)

Get A Free Consultation

If you'd like to take the first step towards healing, call me on 0400 582 872 and we can set up your free 15 minute consultation.

During the consultation, you may ask me any questions you might have. If you're interested in finding out more, get in touch with me. I’d love to help support you.

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