Welcome beautiful heart…

I’m so glad your heart guided you here.

I’m Francesca – a heart-centred somatic therapist and sacred space holder.

The medicine I bring into the world is deep heart presence. I support women to come back home to themselves through deeply reconnecting to their hearts and bodies.

I am devoted to helping you embody your heart wisdom so that you can reclaim the essence of who you truly are.

I am passionate about inspiring women to weave the sacred art of embodiment practices and rituals into everyday life.

This is the sacred awakening journey of coming to rest in your heart and embodied wholeness.

I am honoured to walk alongside you beautiful heart.

We’re in the process of building a sacred and welcoming home for my tribe of heartful women.

To contact me please email francesca@francescaredden.com. You can also sign up to my newsletter below!

OFFICE: 66 Hamden Road, Battery Point Tasmania, Australia 7004