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Trauma Healing Opens Us to a Profound Journey of Transformation

Trauma healing opens us into a sacred path of deep, transformational healing of the heart, body, soul and mind.

As a way of surviving experiences of trauma, people can feel stuck in survival parts of self that are frozen in time.

These survival parts of us touch every aspect of our life and shape our capacity to show up in the world and our most intimate relationships.

Through trauma healing, our survival parts begin to feel what it is like to be held in a safe container, and to experience warmth and settling in profoundly new ways.

Drop by drop, our bodies can experience something different and reconnect to the part of us that is able to notice cues for safety and settling.

These reparative experiences transform the quality of these memories into new experiences of being held with warmth and deep care.

This ripples out to every part of our life, transforming our capacity to cultivate healthy relationships, to shine in expressing our gifts and embody our soul purpose.

Beneath our survival energy that has been stuck from earlier experiences lies our life force essence – our sense of joy and aliveness.

The stories held within our bodies, within our Somatic Self, are the portal to deep transformation.

These are waiting to be heard and held with warmth and curiosity.

The greatest gift we can ever give to ourselves, and to Mother Earth, is to come back home to ourselves. To come back home to our heart and our body.