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Trauma Healing Opens Us to a Profound Journey of Transformation

Trauma healing opens us into a sacred path of deep, transformational healing of the heart, body, soul and mind. As a way of surviving experiences of trauma, people can feel stuck in survival parts of self that are frozen in time. These survival parts of us touch every aspect of our life and shape our…

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Allowing Space to Grieve the Childhood Loss of the Authentic Self

The greatest loss we will ever experience is the loss of the authentic self. It is a loss that severs us from our life force and essence. This loss of the authentic self in childhood is a disenfranchised grief arising from a loss that has not been recognised or mourned. It is a hidden sorrow…

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Being A Good Enough Parent

Our children need us to embrace our imperfections and to model to them how to learn and grow through mistakes. It’s vital to remind ourselves to be a ‘good enough’ parent, not a perfect parent. This concept of the ‘good enough’ parent emerged from psychoanalyst Donald Witticott’s work and describes how good enough parents do…

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