7-month Mystical Mentorship in Heart & Energy Medicine

21 March – 2 October 2022

It’s time to awaken the depths of the ancient wisdom of your heart.

Join a modern day mystery school of heart that will awaken the ancient blueprint of your luminous heart, interwoven with the heart of the earth.

Learn how to weave heart and energy medicine to ignite deep transformation and alchemy in every part of your life.

Through the Way of the Luminous Heart™ you will learn ancient wisdom practices to align you with the deepest desires and destiny of your heart.

You will discover how to interweave the mystical with the intuitive wisdom of your body to be earthed in your magic and deepen your sacred space holding.

This is a sacred journey of awakening the depths of your own inner healer through the sacred art of Heart Alchemy™.

Luminous Heart is an embodied, trauma-informed training for visionaries of heart, space holders, leaders, mystics, way showers and earth keepers who are ready to awaken their earthed magic and innate alchemical wisdom.

It is a remembrance of the ancient knowing and wisdom of our hearts and bodies that we carry within us as our birthright.

You will learn ancient wisdom practices, rooted in the heart, the body and the earth, that bring you home to your luminous heart.

This 7-month journey of heart can be taken either as a personal journey of transformation or a practitioner training to support others to live guided by the compass of their hearts and bodies in harmony with the earth.

Through this training you will have the option of becoming certified in The Way of the Luminous Heart™ to support others through heart and energy medicine practices.

Now, more than ever, we are being called to gather in sacred communities of heart, rooted in wholeheartedness, where we can redream our stories into new mythic maps.

Somatic healing is at the core of redreaming our world into communities of caring where we live deeply present in our hearts and bodies and earthed in our magic. Somatic exploration is a way of knowing ourselves deeply from within through the sensate experiences of our body wisdom.

Heart medicine is the honouring of our heart as the gateway to unlocking our ancient wisdom.

Through Heart Alchemy™ we unlock a portal to our ancient wisdom and wholeness, which allows us to receive the mystical messages from our ensouled world through our open hearts.

Luminous Heart is the remembrance that our hearts are interwoven with the primordial heart of the earth within an ecosystem of all hearts, which I call Heart Ecology™.

It is the knowing that as we tend to the biome of our hearts we are tending to the collective heart, the one, whole heart of humanity.

This online training will support you to deepen your skills in heart and energy medicine to support your deepest transformation as well as guiding others in theirs.

You will become deeply earthed in your magic where your intuitive magic is grounded and embodied at a cellular level.

Luminous Heart is rooted in mystical embodied practices in being guided by the innate wisdom of our bodies, our hearts, the field and the earth.

It is a sacred pathway to remembering the truth of who we are & to rewilding our hearts back home through Heart Ecology™, Energy Medicine, Earth Medicine & Somatic Wisdom.

The Roots of Luminous Heart:

Heart Ecology™

Energy Medicine

Earth Medicine

Somatic Wisdom

This is an invitation to:

  • Expand your space holding to the next level through weaving the mystical with earthed-based rituals and practices that align you with both the heart of the earth and the cosmic heart.
  • Understand the heart as the gateway to nurturing safety in the nervous system.
  • Embody earthed magic that is rooted in interbeingness with Mother Earth.
  • Unlock the ancient wisdom of the body and heart within yourself and your clients to live your most heart-centric, wholehearted life and destiny.
  • Discover your unique heart essence signature frequency that is the heart legacy you are here to share with the world.
The Way of the Luminous Heart™ has birthed from my own journey of alchemy through interweaving my body wisdom with the mystical portals of the heart and the earth.

It has emerged from my bone-deep learnings from over 25 years of inner healing explorations, and 12+ years experience supporting womxn in their transformation as a somatic practitioner and energy medicine weaver.

This is a pilgrimage of heart where you will be transformed through shedding any armouring and protection around your heart through the power of alchemy so that you may return to your heart essence, your Luminous Heart.

The Way of the Luminous Heart™ is a homecoming to the truth of who you are and a reclaiming of the wisdom that lives deep within your bones and cells.

In this training you will learn:

  • How to access your magic & deep intuitive knowing through your unique Intuitive Energy Blueprint™
  • How to awaken your inner healer through Heart Alchemy™
  • How to understand the nervous system as a spiritual nerve to unlock your wisdom portals
  • How to map the heart through different layers of perception
  • How to be guided by your intuitive knowing & the field
  • How to expand the capacity of your nervous system through heart, energy & earth-based rituals & guide others
  • How to dissolve survival templates of striving & yield into the vast containers of support of the earth & the otherworld
  • Your unique Heart Essence Signature Frequency™ which reveals how you are here to serve & share your legacy

During these revolutionary times on earth, it is essential to be deeply earthed and embodied in our hearts, our magic and our sacred soul gifts.

As multi-dimensional beings we are here to honour every aspect of our sensate experience in this body, holding with reverence both our humanity and our divinity as embodied souls on earth.

To support others and ourselves through these wild times, it is essential to understand:

  • How to map the nervous system to provide a safe container to unlock the life force energy within survival templates
  • How to access the sacred gateway of heart wisdom and knowing to live our most wholehearted life, rooted in our interbeingness with the earth.
  • How to weave energy medicine to reimagine our stories and live our destiny.

Our hearts are the portal to remember who we really are and hold the blueprint of our essence, our most luminous self.

As the old dominator ways crumble, we must root into the compass of our hearts to guide us through uncharted terrain.

It is a time where we are being called inwards to reawaken and re-remember our deepest heart wisdom and ancient knowing.

Luminous Heart is an honouring of our innate capacity to heal ourselves through the wisdom waiting within to be reclaimed.

Every transmission within this journey contains sacred activations to invoke your remembrance of why your soul chose to be here during this potent time on earth.

It is a calling home into the unique gifts and magic you are here to share with the world in harmony with the earth.

Your Heart Guide

Hi I’m Francesca.

I am a heart alchemist, mystic, somatic practitioner and energy medicine weaver.

I am devoted to supporting womxn to reclaim the ancient wisdom they carry deep within their hearts and bodies and to deeply embody this at a cellular and bone-deep level. Luminous Heart has been birthed from my experience guiding womxn in their homecoming through the wildest terrain of their hearts and bodies, as well as over 25 years of my own personal healing and shadowland explorations. I dance between worlds, illuminating the path through the shadow, and am devoted to supporting others to meet themselves with their whole hearts and whole bodies.


This is an embodied, mystical training where we will be living, breathing and embodying all that we discover and re-remember together in a deep community of heart.

It this sacred container we will gather in a heart community to co-create magic together and support each other to reclaim our ancient wisdom and gifts.

During this mystical immersion we will travel through 7 spirals of our Luminous Heart.

To honour the intimacy and depths of the heart we will be traversing in this journey of heart places will be limited to 8 womxn.

At the completion of our training you will join a global Luminous Heart community.

There will also be an opportunity to gather together in person in a sacred Luminous Heart retreat in the beautiful lands of Tasmania following the completion of our 7-month journey. We will explore this dream together and allow it to take root. The cost of this retreat is not included in The Way of the Luminous Heart 7-month training.


Each monthly module will include:

  • Guided Heart journeys
  • Ceremonies & rituals of heart
  • Module PDF Guidebook
  • Sacred Archetype
  • Sacred Luminous Heart Lightcode
  • Luminous Heart essence spray
  • Online heart calls
  • Sacred online heart community forum
  • Heart and Energy medicine practices

What is included:

  • 7 x 1:1 60 minute intimate online mentoring + coaching sessions with me to shed any conditioning and survival templates so that you may become your Luminous Heart.
  • Bi-weekly 90 minute online Teaching calls where we will explore heart and energy medicine practices and a live demonstration.
  • Bi-weekly x 90 minute online Practice Immersion calls where we will practice together in partners weaving heart and energy medicine.
  • 7 x 2 hour monthly Q&A calls to deepen your embodied exploration and discoveries into a cellular knowing.
  • Intimate online community forum where we will support each other as we redream our stories through our hearts in sacred witnessing and honouring.
  • Free Access to my Embodied Self Compassion online course
  • Intimate heart gift package valued at over $250 posted to you including:

>> 7 x Luminous Heart Sacred Lightcode Frequency Cards custom made to activate the Luminous Heart archetypes

>> 7 x Luminous Heart Essence sprays lovingly prepared by me in the sacred lands of Tasmania and infused with healing frequencies, sacred geometry and sacred waters.

>> 1 x individualised vibrational essence to support your Luminous Heart awakening


(Please note that the Training Calls & Practice Immersion calls must be attended live as part of this certification training. Only the teaching part of the training call will be recorded and the Q&A calls. The other parts of the calls will not be recorded to honour privacy. In the event of unexpected illness arising I ask that you arrange a practice session with a fellow student before our next class. Those wishing to become certified as Way of the Luminous Heart practitioner will be required to submit a reflection paper sharing their embodied experiences of the journey.)



The Rooted Heart

  • Invoking your luminous allies
  • Harmonising with the heart of the earth
  • The sacred art of mystical, embodied, trauma-informed space holding


The Wild Heart

  • Rewilding our hearts home 
  • Earthed magic through embodying your nervous system
  • Tracking through the body+field


The Receptive Heart

  • Heartography™ – mapping the physical, spiritual & elemental heart
  • Heart archeology & embodied shadow work


The Alchemical Heart

  • The sacred art of Heart Alchemy™
  • Heart Retrieval™


The Mystical Heart

  • Reclaiming your mystical gifts
  • Redreaming new mythic maps


The Primordial Heart

  • Heart Ecology™ & nurturing the heart biome
  • Awakening your Heart Keeper: interbeingness & reciprocity
  • Heart entrainment


The Luminous Heart

  • Honouring your heart legacy
  • Embodying your leadership & Visionary Heart

Sacred Investment

7-month Mystical Mentorship in Heart & Energy Medicine

Full payment

AUD $5,500

12 monthly payments

of AUD $485

Note: the first $485 payment of the 12x payment plan is a non-refundable deposit. For full payment the non-refundable deposit is included within that total amount. Please see FAQs section at the bottom of this page for the Refund Policy).

I am offering a partial scholarship place for BIPOC, LGBTQ+ folks and anyone from economically disadvantaged nations or backgrounds who have experienced systemic oppression. Please indicate this on your application if you wish to apply. Scholarship applications close 20 February.

Call Times

Note: This round is in Australian/European/African friendly times. Please email me at francesca@francescaredden.com to join my waitlist for other time zones, including an Australian/US friendly time, or if you have any questions.


Mondays at 4pm AEDT/7am London

  • 21 March
  • 4 April
  • 18 April
  • 2 May
  • 16 May
  • 30 May
  • 13 June
  • 27 June
  • 11 July
  • 1 August
  • 15 August
  • 29 August
  • 12 Sept
  • 26 Sept

Tuesdays at 4pm AEDT/ 7am London

  • 22 March
  • 5 April
  • 19 April
  • 3 May
  • 17 May
  • 31 May
  • 14 June
  • 28 June
  • 12 July
  • 2 August
  • 16 August
  • 30 August
  • 13 Sept
  • 27 Sept
Q&A Calls

4pm Fridays AEDT/ 7am London monthly

  • 1 April
  • 29 April
  • 27 May
  • 24 June
  • 29 July
  • 26 August
  • 23 September

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your refund policy?

A non-refundable deposit of AUD $485 is required to secure your place in the program (which will be included as part of full payment or will be the first monthly installment of the 12 month payment plan). If you withdraw any time before 40 days prior to the start of the program (before 9 February 2022), you will be refunded any fees paid minus the $485 deposit. After that time, no refunds will be offered.

Are only coaches and those already practising space holding with clients eligible for this training?

No it is not required to be a coach or space holder to apply. This training can be taken as either as a journey of personal transformation or as a practitioner training for those seeking to become certified in The Way of the Luminous Heart. It is designed to awaken a way of being that can be woven into every layer of your life. If you have been on a journey of deep, embodied healing for 2 years or more or have completed other practitioner training however not yet offering sessions, you are invited to apply.

How will the online calls be run?

The online calls will take place on Zoom and the link will be available on the membership website hub for you to access.

What happens if I cannot attend the live sessions?

Participants must attend the live Training calls and live Practice Immersion calls as this is an embodied, experiential training where we will be practicing throughout our journey. Only the teaching part of the Teaching call will be recorded for later viewing. The sharing and breakout practice parts in the Practice Immersion call will not be recorded to honour privacy. In the event of unexpected illness I ask that you arrange a practice session with a fellow student before our next live class.

How much time will I need to invest each week in this training?

Each month a new module will open with a PDF Guidebook and guided heart audios to deepen your embodiment of heart and energy medicine. The time commitment of this course outside the live calls is around one hour a week of exploring those materials. You will also have an opportunity to have partner practice sessions outside live calls to deepen your embodied learning experience. You are invited also to follow your own inner guidance around the time you lean into connecting with our heart community in our intimate online forum.

What does the certification in The Way of the Luminous Heart involve?

Those who are seeking to become a certified practitioner in The Way of the Luminous Heart™ will be required to submit a reflection paper at the completion of the 7 months which will include sharing about your embodied experiences of supporting your fellow students in the heart and energy medicine practices we have explored. Those who are taking the journey for personal transformation only will not be required to submit this reflection paper.

Love Notes

“Francesca has taught me about finding attuned supportive resources for myself. Francesca is able to provide an energetic container of gentle and unwavering compassion and become an anchor for my nervous system to hook onto. She allows my nervous system to find its own pathways to healing, living and thriving. I am so glad and relieved I followed my intuitive heart to contact Francesca. Francesca is an integral part of a new paradigm of healing and living we are coming into – returning to sacred humanity, helping us all find our innate wisdom through the stories of our body’s, and the sacred source of deep connection and heart transformation.”

“Imagine being held in a safe space by a circle of women where you felt completely seen, loved, and supported. Sinking deeper and deeper into the knowing that there is nothing wrong with you. That’s what Francesca’s offerings are about. She is caring, compassionate and full of heart. Her unique presence can truly help you be more attuned to yourself, connect to your truth and live more authentically. She inspires women to walk each other home, to the beauty that we all are. I am feeling full of gratitude, feeling more courageous to keep living my life from a place of authenticity and carrying an inner tribe of unconditional love and support.”

“It is absolutely fascinating to me how much can be achieved with tenderness and compassion. Francesca has come to symbolize that for me. I feel empowered and liberated in a way I never thought I would. With her I learned to track my own internal processes in a way that I am now able to hold myself though challenges with the same compassion that she offered to me so generously. Francesca is generous, genuine and caring and she knows exactly which levers to use to ensure lasting resolve in the nervous system. I have never known a more effective approach or met someone so simultaneously gentle and effective as her. If you consider working with Francesca, expect her expertise and her heart of gold to safely guide you to a place where you and your potential become one again. I highly recommend working with her. I don’t know where I would be today without her support.”

If you have any questions around this sacred immersion of The Way of the Luminous Heart please contact me.

Sacred Investment

7-month Mystical Mentorship in Heart & Energy Medicine

Full payment

AUD $5,500

12 monthly payments

of AUD $485

Note: the first $485 payment of the 12x payment plan is a non-refundable deposit. For full payment the non-refundable deposit is included within that total amount. Please see FAQs section at the bottom of this page for the Refund Policy).

I am offering a partial scholarship place for BIPOC, LGBTQ+ folks and anyone from economically disadvantaged nations or backgrounds who have experienced systemic oppression. Please indicate this on your application if you wish to apply. Scholarship applications close 20 February.