A Self-paced 4 Week Online Heart Journey

Come Home To Your Heart

$127 AUD

Soften into more warmth and kindness for yourself through embodied heart practices, ancient wisdom and heart rituals that nourish your heart and awaken your Compassionate Self.

Now more than ever, the earth needs us to come home to our hearts and bodies and deepen into heartful presence with ourselves, with each other and with her.

Our hearts are the core of our human experience as a soul.

Our soul speaks to us through our heart.

I have created this heart offering to help you transform your inner voice to one of warmth and compassion through heartful embodiment practices and ancient wisdom that supports your nervous system to settle and soothe.

I invite you to soften into a deeper connection with your heart and body where you learn to accompany all parts of you back home.

It’s time to breathe in new pathways of warmth and compassion in their body and embody your heart wisdom.

The heart of my soul work is guiding people to come home to their hearts and bodies in heartful presence.

My Desire for You

Hi. I’m Francesca and my wish is for you to soften into a more sweet and gentle way of being with yourself through this guided heart journey.

May you deepen the connection with your heart and body and rest in whole-bodied, whole-hearted self compassion.

May you open into accompanying yourself through challenging moments with soothing and care.

Awaken Your Compassionate Self

Awakening Your Compassionate Self is the journey of invoking the part of you that can hold the other parts of you that are feeling pain with warmth and compassion.

I believe that self compassion is a whole-bodied experience that must be breathed in by osmosis through the felt sense experiencing of our bodies if we wish to rewire new pathways.

Embodied Self Compassion is the journey of nurturing whole-bodied, wholehearted compassion as sensations of soothing and nurturing in our body.

We all have the inbuilt capacity to be able to offer warmth to others and to ourselves.

It’s never too late to turn towards ourselves with more warmth and learn to embody self-compassion and heartful presence with ourselves.

We can learn to awaken the wisdom of the heart and her intuitive guidance and be our most wholehearted self.

I will guide you to invoke the archetypal wisdom of the Divine Mother and her many forms to awaken your Compassionate Self and grow the capacity of your nervous system for warmth.

We open to self compassion slowly, drop by drop, in the just right amount for our nervous system in each moment.

On this heart journey, you will be breathing in drops of warmth and kindness through my words and my voice as your heart companion, lighting up new neural pathways and cellular knowing of compassion within you.

Through the heart rituals you receive in our heart journey you will learn to weave these moments of heart presence into your day as a way of Heartful Being.

Embodied Self Compassion

A Self-paced 4 Week Online Heart Journey

Come Home To Your Heart

$127 AUD

Our Heart Journey Together

During our time together I will help you to:
  • Learn about the neuroscience of compassion to help you know that you make sense and that you are worthy of warmth and understanding.
  • Awaken your heart and discover more warmth for yourself so that you can open your heart more to others and to the world.
  • Soften into your heart-knowing and a whole-hearted, embodied compassion.
  • Cultivate heartfulness through embodied heart practices and heart rituals.
  • Awaken your Compassionate Self through invoking the archetype of the Divine Mother to grow more inner warmth.
  • Understand why sacred boundaries and fierce self love are vital to self compassion.
  • Learn ways to soothe and accompany yourself in the midst of emotional overwhelm and suffering.
  • Expand into living heartfully and wholeheartedly.
  • Learn to savour moments of goodness and embodied gratitude to grow the capacity of your nervous system.
  • Deepen into embodying your heart wisdom and listening to your innate inner wisdom.


Module 1

Coming Home to Yourself

Module 2

Awakening Your Compassionate Self

Module 3

Sacred Boundaries

Module 4

Living Heartfully & Wholeheartedly

I’m Francesca

Welcome beauty.

I’m Francesca – a Heart-centred Somatic Therapist, Sacred Space Holder, Modern day Priestess, Mystic, Heart Alchemist and Intuitive Soul Guide.

The sacred medicine I bring into the world is my deep heart presence.

I weave together body-mind medicine, ancient healing practices and ritual to support womxn like you to trust their deepest knowing and embody the soul legacy gifts they came here to share.

I am devoted to supporting you to ignite your life essence, vitality and joy through learning to turn towards yourself and meet yourself in new ways.

Within the memories of pain we hold in our bodies, is a wellspring of our life force energy waiting to be unlocked and reclaimed.

This is the sacred awakening journey of coming to rest in our heart and our embodied wholeness.

My wish for you is to feel the sweet and tender journey of remembering this ancient knowing you carry deep in your cells.

I’m here to support you to live your soul aligned path.

I feel so honoured to co-create magic together as you return home to your heart.

Heart Words

“Francesca has taught me about finding attuned supportive resources for myself. Francesca is able to provide an energetic container of gentle and unwavering compassion and become an anchor for my nervous system to hook onto. She allows my nervous system to find its own pathways to healing, living and thriving. I am so glad and relieved I followed my intuitive heart to contact Francesca. Francesca is an integral part of a new paradigm of healing and living we are coming into – returning to sacred humanity, helping us all find our innate wisdom through the stories of our body’s, and the sacred source of deep connection and heart transformation.”

“Imagine being held in a safe space by a circle of women where you felt completely seen, loved, and supported. Sinking deeper and deeper into the knowing that there is nothing wrong with you. That’s what Francesca’s offerings are about. She is caring, compassionate and full of heart. Her unique presence can truly help you be more attuned to yourself, connect to your truth and live more authentically. She inspires women to walk each other home, to the beauty that we all are. I am feeling full of gratitude, feeling more courageous to keep living my life from a place of authenticity and carrying an inner tribe of unconditional love and support.”

“It is absolutely fascinating to me how much can be achieved with tenderness and compassion. Francesca has come to symbolize that for me. I feel empowered and liberated in a way I never thought I would. With her I learned to track my own internal processes in a way that I am now able to hold myself though challenges with the same compassion that she offered to me so generously.

Francesca is generous, genuine and caring and she knows exactly which levers to use to ensure lasting resolve in the nervous system. I have never known a more effective approach or met someone so simultaneously gentle and effective as her. If you consider working with Francesca, expect her expertise and her heart of gold to safely guide you to a place where you and your potential become one again. I highly recommend working with her. I don’t know where I would be today without her support.”


Heart Gift

Receive my 7 Steps to Befriend Your Body eBook as a gift when joining Embodied Self Compassion to deepen the connection with your body.


Embodied Self Compassion

A Self-paced 4 Week Online Heart Journey

Come Home To Your Heart

$127 AUD