“I find Francesca to be one of the most compassionate and empathic people I know. In our conversations, I have experienced so much care and giving from her. Her impeccable compassion and the profound journey she has been on herself , all combine in ways that I imagine will be of great service to many. I have witnessed her desire to keep growing and learning.”
Marion Rose

“Francesca offered the greatest sense of felt safety, in which I felt comfortable to share my deepest, most vulnerable, parts of self. Francesca has an uncanny ability to hold all parts that come up in sessions with such tenderness and care. I found it so incredibly refreshing to feel able to honestly share these parts of myself that I had felt the need to hide for so long, to feel her understanding and deep acceptance of them, and in turn to feel more accepting of them myself. What Francesca has to offer seems so unique and powerful to me and touched me in ways that other therapeutic experiences haven’t.”
Client (name withheld for privacy)

“Francesca is an incredible spaceholder and has a tremendous gift of meeting people exactly where they’re at and supporting those parts of us that have been so hurt and unmet in the past. And because of working with Francesca, when those parts of me that *do* still feel shame and not good enough emerge, I understand how to hold them with care, and how to allow them to be held be others as well. This is so new, and is opening up a whole new way of experiencing life for me – I am so grateful to have found Francesca and her work which has brought me to this place of a very different way of being.”

“I met Francesca in the wonderful portal of the Online space almost three years ago. Since then I have had her witness and support me after traumatic birthing experiences amongst other trauma and stressful times.

At the time I was very overwhelmed and not able to be rested or replenished after rest. I had many physical symptoms of distress, some include sleeplessness despite being exhausted, dizziness, angry outbursts, heartburn, asthma flares, inability to express the kind of support I needed, and feeling like my inner world was whirling but having no safe outlet.

Francesca has taught me about finding attuned supportive resources for myself. Because of her commitment to doing her own professional and spiritual education and inner reflections, Francesca is able to provide an energetic container of gentle and unwavering Compassion and become an anchor for my nervous system to hook onto. She allows my nervous system to find its own pathways to healing, living and thriving.

I am so glad and relieved I followed my intuitive heart to contact Francesca. My physical and emotional symptoms are now different and transformed, along with no longer experiencing many of them all together.

Francesca is an integral part of a new paradigm of healing and living we are coming into – returning to sacred humanity, helping us all find our innate wisdom through the stories of our body’s, and the sacred source of deep connection and heart transformation.”


“It is absolutely fascinating to me how much can be achieved with tenderness and compassion. Francesca has come to symbolize that for me. Slowly, from the inside out, I witnessed my childhood freeze states melt. Ever so gentle and gradual, she guided me through preverbal conditionings, relational issues, anger management and motherhood questions, everyday struggles and not lastly through a very difficult breakup – always having my back in the most concrete and subtle ways. It must be due to her warm gentle approach that the changes that occurred feel lasting. I feel empowered and liberated in a way I never thought I would. With her I learned to track my own internal processes in a way that I am now able to hold myself though challenges with the same compassion that she offered to me so generously.

Francesca is generous, genuine and caring and she knows exactly which levers to use to ensure lasting resolve in the nervous system. I have never known a more effective approach or met someone so simultaneously gentle and effective as her.

If you consider working with Francesca, expect her expertise and her heart of gold to safely guide you to a place where you and your potential become one again. I highly recommend working with her. I don’t know where I would be today without her support.”


“Being part of Francesca’s DEEPEN offering has truly been one of the most transformational and intimate experiences in my life. I have softened into being more comfortable to share myself authentically, allow myself to be seen, heard, held and supported by other beautiful women in all my joy, fear, shame, messiness and celebration. I embraced a new level of trust in women as I was witnessed and my heart was continually touched as I was trusted to witness the sharing of others. Francesca held a beautiful safe container with such grace, support, guidance and love. It was truly a profound experience which shall be with me forever.”

“Dear Francesca. Oh goddess- what a course! Celebrating the Deepen Course and the magnificence of it all. I still feel the rapture that I felt when I received such beautiful, helpful, soulful, heartfelt resources at such a difficult time.

I’m reflecting on so much – and I feel a huge layer of connection has occurred between my inner selves because of Deepen. My heart expands into the kindness and thoughtfulness of all the resources you have shared with us.”


“I wish for all people to find a tribe where they can feel at home, safe and valued for who they are. So important to know you have a place to return to and where you can be in your vulnerability and trust that you will be cherished no matter where you are in your life, where everyone is sharing authentically from the heart. I assume it will be different to everyone how that tribe looks like and for the souls coming together. For me, I’ve found all that in Francesca’s Heart Haven and internalised this experience! I also really love how I have a much wider range of practices I can integrate in my life that help me come home to myself more and shine a light in this world. I’ll be forever immensely grateful for all that I received from the sessions with her and the heart haven she created!!”

“Imagine being held in a safe space by a cercle of women where you felt completely seen, loved, and supported. Sinking deeper and deeper into the knowing that there is nothing wrong with you. That’s what Francesca’s offerings are about. She is caring, compassionate and full of heart. Her unique presence can truly help you be more attuned to yourself, connect to your truth and live more authentically. She inspires women to walk each other home, to the beauty that we all are. I am feeling full of gratitude, feeling more courageous to keep living my life from a place of authenticity and carrying an inner tribe of unconditional love and support.”

“I love your compassionate beautiful presence and holding and how it deeply touches every woman and creates such a safe and supportive space is so unique and I find it so inspiring when I think about my own journey and not needing to compete with anyone because we all have our own flavour, uniqueness and special contributions for the world.”

“I am feeling more courageous. I can only live life from and authentic expression of who I am. Which involves peeling layers of conditioning into who the well-meaning adults in my life thought I “should become” and being courageous, loving and forgiving towards myself. I am witnessing how from that place, love and compassion for others flows naturally. The sharing at the circle of women gave me strength and confidence to keep paying attention and listening to my inner guidance. I feel the strength of this magic circle of love and acceptance accompany me so that I am not alone when facing some challenging situations.”

“Being a part of Heart Haven has meant growing my capacity to show up in my essence and light amongst others and particularly in a group and community of people. It has been a space that has supported me to show up more fully in who I am and lean more into my desires, dreams and potential. It has also helped me to work with my outcast wounds and feelings of isolation and disconnection. For me, this circle has become both an inner and outer resource of safety that has already helped me to tap into a sense of unconditional support.”

“I have a realisation that this is how it feels to have unconditional love, to be met and held by people with capacity and willingness to attune to me. Thankyou for helping me connect with my body and holding a container for this medicine woman magic.”

“I have felt carefully seen and held by beautiful women. What a delightful experience. To feel hearts beating together, for no other reason than to share the experience with warmth, understanding and kindness. This is actually magic in itself. There are so few spaces in life to be held in safety. What a gift. The experience of being in circle with Francesca is a wonderful way to feel connection, care and presence. The space is beautifully created, held and supported. It is one of those special things that you can only understand if you experience it for yourself.”