What if you could catalyze your visions by learning how to be led by your body & the signals it is always sending you?

You know your work changes lives.

But your body feels exhausted from pushing to try to make things happen.

The old ways are no longer working.

You’ve been carrying a vision in your heart you know you are here to share with the world.

But you feel the self doubt creeping in.

Every time your thoughts override your desires you feel a little less alive.

You want a mentor who can help you to unravel what is standing in the way so that you can tap into the wisdom and intuition in your body.

So that you can bring to life the buried dreams and vision that you know deep in your heart you’re here to.

You are looking for someone who can hold the space for you to remember who you really are.

Who can help you to own what comes naturally to you.

And to fully claim the potency of your magic, gifts and wisdom in every cell of your body.

Someone who can help you feel safe in your body.

So that you can birth your vision into the world and touch the hearts you came here to.

This is the season in your soul business where you get to thrive & serve from a place of deep safety in your body.

To do this means learning how to unwind the survival patterns that keep you stuck.

Our fear lives in our body.

So, if you want to shift them, you must work with them in the body.

When you bypass your body, you end up sharing your soul gifts from survival.

You feel exhausted from pushing and trying to please.

You don’t feel fulfilled or satisfied even when your business is doing well.

But when you are supported to create a foundation of safety in your body, you tap into the magic of your Soul.

You send out the energetic frequency that your dream soul clients will feel.

And you become magnetic to the people whose lives you are destined to transform and effortlessly attract in all that you desire.

The more you work with your body, instead of against it, the more you can show up as you.

I’ll help you gently unwind the patterns and fears that keep you stuck.

So that you can reclaim your body as the most powerful portal of your magic, intuition and wisdom.

When you live deeply in tune with your body, you’ll experiences changes that you’ve never felt before.

And not just in your business but in every area of your life.

Imagine birthing your visions with ease & grace from a place of safety in your body.

When you learn how to be body led, you can birth your soul work being deeply connected to your body's rhythms & signals.

Every vision we birth asks us to shed the old skin of who we once were and stretch into our new skin of who we are becoming.

It asks us to meet the fears and stories that have been keeping us small and stuck.

My role as is to be a Doula for your visions to support you to birth from a place of being deeply held and supported.

I’m here to gently support your body to soften and expand to hold this next iteration of you birthing.

And to open your heart and body to receive more abundance, joy and magic.

Where you are led by your body and heart in your business and life.

And you make all your decisions based on what feels 100% in alignment with your body.

Show up as the raw, authentic you.

Create your calendar around your body and family needs.

Where you feel a freedom and ease that you’ve not known before.

And you feel safe and held as you birth your visions and soul work into the world.

My Somatic Immersion is…..

The Immersion is a 12-Week 1:1 intimate, bespoke Mentorship where I help you feel fully rooted and embodied in your wisdom and to birth your visions into the world. This is a deep dive into your body to support you to be led by the wisdom and intuition in your body.

It’s for the womxn who desires…..


To take your business to new heights by learning how to listen to the signals and intuition in your body.


To feel more empowered as you transmute your fears and activate the wisdom that is bound up within them.


To feel more confident in your unique zone of genius and to take up the space you are here to.


To turn on your natural magnetism so that you become magnetic to your people who can’t wait to sign up for your offers.


To be fully rooted, grounded and embodied in your visions where you inhabit it in your bones.


To be led by your heart and body as you birth the visions and legacy that you came here to.


Someone to mirror back to you your own level of mastery to support you to take the leap into the next expansion of you and your business.

Join me for 12 weeks inside the Somatic Immersion & I’ll help you embody & birth your visions so that you can make the impact you are here to.

This Immersion is made for YOU if…

You’ve done lots of healing work and are so ready to go deeper.

You’ve ready to own who you are and what you do and fully claim the magnetic leader that you are.

Your desire for deep change is greater than your fear or resistance of it.

You’re ready for a deep dive in your body to transmute your fears and to reclaim the wisdom and knowledge that’s always been there.

You’re self led and are committed to showing up in full self-responsibility for your own inner experience, beliefs, blocks and fears.

My 12-Week Somatic Immersion is an intimate space (there are only 5 spots available) where you will get my personal mentorship tailored to you + your vision.

Over our 12 weeks together, you will receive:

  • 6 x 60 minute 1:1 Mentoring Sessions on zoom or voxer.

Get mentorship + guidance tailored to you.

Build a deeper connection with your body + become more embodied in your wisdom + soul gifts.

Work through blocks stuck in your body + transform fears that hold you back.

Get support on wherever you are stuck + desiring more flow.

  • Weekly Voxer checkins where you will get mentoring between our calls.

1 x 30 minute Voxer support each week over the 12 weeks (Tues-Thurs business hours AEST.)

A safe space to be witnessed + to deepen integration.

Move through your fears with ease + grace.

Receive guidance + support to open to new possibilities.

Learn how to use your body to propel you to your natural brilliance & make you magnetic to the hearts you are here to capture.
Let me take you on the journey home to who you really are where you birth your visions feeling so deeply held & safe.

Hi I’m Francesca.

Mentor, Alchemist, Mystic + Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

I have been working in the fields of embodiment and somatic healing for over 15 years. My body of work was birthed from seeing the gap in how many incredible mentors, coaches, therapists and healers in knowing how to connect their body + their soul business. I created my soul work to help womxn activate the wisdom and knowing that is held in their own body so that you can be fully embodied in the soul gifts and brilliance you came here to share with the world. My Mentoring spaces are trauma-informed and rooted in nervous system healing, somatic practices and earth medicine.

This Immersion has limited spaces.

This is intimate work, so I have limited spots to 5 places.

The investment is $6000 AUD pay in full.

Or 3 x monthly payments of $2200 AUD

If you know this level of support is for you and I’m the mentor you’d love to have by your side, I’d love to chat.

Please only reach out if you’re able to make the investment outlined above and you’re an ecstatic whole body yes around joining the Somatic Immersion.

Love Notes