Activating Our Energy Wisdom

Energy Wisdom

One of the sacred gateways of returning home to ourselves is through activating our energy wisdom knowing. It is the way we weave energy to embody and expand our soul’s innate magnificence.

Learning to weave energy is vital to earthing our soul in our body.

It opens us up to receiving the earth as a resource channel to harmonise with the rhythms and cycles of the earth to invoke our life essence and vitality in restorative ways.

As we unlock our energy wisdom, we open to living in quantum possibilities and untap the innate wisdom within us.

One of the core ways we access our energy wisdom is through our Etheric energy body, which is a primary life force energy and the key to igniting our radiance and vitality.

Our Etheric energy body is the energetic structure of the physical body and interplays with the quantum field around us. It delivers energy to our physical body and is connected to the emotional energy system the mental energy system.

Through aligning with the quantum field, we restore harmony within our energy body to energetically weave our soul legacy.

And we unlock our innate healing wisdom within.

Right now during this time, we are being called to open and expand into activating our energy magic.

To weave the wisdom of our body and heart with soul work, energy medicine and earth wisdom.

Mother Earth is calling us home and is welcoming us with a loving embrace as we rest back into the truth of who we are.

It is time to open to quantum leadership and the infinite field of quantum possibilities as we redream the world being led by soul and heart.

Francesca xo