Invoking Our Soul Legacy

Soul Wisdom

Now, more than ever, we are being called to rise into embodying the full magnificence of our soul so that we can share the soul legacy we came here to share.

Our nervous system is the interface for our soul energies to move through our body.

Through embodying our body wisdom, we embody and earth our soul.

Coming home to ourselves through our bodies opens a gateway for us to embody the full radiance of our soul.

We can visualize our soul field as a matrix of energy that weaves the container of our soul.

Our soul field is an energetic framework and is the sovereignty of who we are.

She holds the vessel of our soul legacy and is the container of who we are.

This is where our magic happens as it is the heart of who we are.

It is where our soul codes are housed.

And the space where we share the full magnificence of our soul.

As we awaken our soul field, we unlock more of our soul’s innate brilliance and unveil her desires.

We can learn to expand and harmonise our soul field with the earth, and remember that we dream the earth’s dreams.

This is the new soul ecosystem and soul economy where we are in harmony with the heartbeat of the earth.

Being in soul allows us to rest in the field of coherence, which is the vibration of being aligned with the highest truth of our soul.

Embodying our soul helps us to complete old pain imprints so that we can move out of protection patterns to make our choices from the highest expression of our soul in our embodied sovereignty.

Our soul calls us to take up more space in the world and activate our legacy blueprint.

Living by the inner compass of our innate wisdom to invoke our most soul-enriched life is how we serve humanity and weave new fields of possibility of more sustainable and regenerative ways.

We already have everything we need within us.

It’s about remembering and reawakening our soul knowing and soul truth.

It’s time to be moved by soul and remember who we really are.

Francesca xo