Re-Remembering Our Ancestral Wisdom & Earth Wisdom

Earth Wisdom

We are deeply ritualistic and ceremonial beings. We carry the ancient knowing of ritual and ceremony deep in our bones and our blood.

This time on earth is calling us to re-remember our ancestral wisdom and intuitive knowing.

To return home to ourselves even more deeply as we embody our earth medicine and inner Medicine Woman and Wise Woman self.

The earth is calling us back home. Mother Nature beckons us to slow down in reverence and devotion with her.

Re-remembering our ancestral wisdom is a sweet and tender journey of resting in the truth of what we already know.

There is nothing we need to effort or do, it is more a softening into our body/heart/soul wisdom within.

Sacred grief rituals are so essential right now as a way to create a container to support our personal and collective grief to be metabolised.

I feel profoundly honoured to witness the re-remembering of rituals by the beautiful souls I walk alongside in personal sessions and my group offerings.

This week I felt called to make a grief mandala offering to Mother Earth to honour my personal grief around the endings I have experienced this year, as well as the collective grief at this time. I made my mandala in my garden and each item from Mother Earth was selected with reverence and asking sacred permission. Each item was chosen symbolically for how it represents parts of my journey.

Mother Earth and our ancestors so appreciate us making our grief as an offering of love to them.

It is powerful way to tend with reverence to our ancestors and Mother Earth by living rooted in embodied earth wisdom.

Inviting you to notice what sensations you feel in your body as you breathe in my grief mandala, and if any parts of you feel a re-remembering within you of what you have always known.

Holding you softly in my heart as you honour your grief.

Francesca xo