I support soulful womxn to return home to themselves and trust their deepest heart knowing so that they may be their most radiant self and share their soul gifts in the world.

Welcome Beloved one.

A deep calling from your soul has guided you here.

Do you feel the call to rise into your full soul magnificence? And be in devotion to yourself and to humanity through sharing your soul gifts and living your most soul enriched life?

This is your time to invoke your soul legacy and be who you came here to be.

We all have an ancient wisdom that we carry inside.

It’s here waiting for you, calling you home.

I’m devoted to supporting you to remember who you are through the sacred temple of your heart knowing.

As we honour the call of our heart we honour the destiny of our soul.

Our soul speaks to us through our heart.

As we nourish our hearts we are nurturing the nourishment of all hearts, the universal heart.

I’m here to support you to remember who your soul is divinely intended to become and what you need to meet your destiny.

To live by the call of the heart, moved by soul.

To rise into living your highest potential and remember who your soul is here to be.

As we harmonise with the earth’s heartbeat and rhythms, we remember our belonging to her.

You are meant to be here now to weave your magic and dream the earth’s dreams into being.

It’s your time to embody the full luminosity of your soul and actualise her dreams.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

~ Anais Nin

Now, more than ever, Mother Earth needs us to awaken our hearts to support a collective healing that redreams the world into more sustainable and equitable ways of Being.

We have been feeling the loss of ancestral separation and disconnection from the wisdom of our bodies.

This can be felt as an ancient aloneness or heartbreak: an unnamed grief that has never been acknowledged.

There is a deep yearning inside calling us to reconnect to our innate wisdom and soul magnificence.

Our bodies are the portal to return home to ourselves.

Our body is the gateway to our soul awakening that unlocks the magic our soul is here to share.

Your body guides you to remember the blueprint for wholeness which is wired within you as a cellular knowing so that you may remember who you truly are.

I’m here to help you remember how to listen to the signals your body is giving you and receive the wisdom it wants to share.

So that you may listen to the story your body is seeking to share with you and complete to unlock your soul gifts.

I’ll guide you to soften into a new relationship with your heart, body and soul as you meet yourself in new ways.

I’m devoted to helping you live your most radiant soul-led life by being who you really are.

This is the sacred medicine that Mother Earth needs right now.

It is a re-remembering of our ancestral knowing as we shed our conditioning and accompany each other home.

We all have our unique soul blueprint and legacy that we are here to share.

I’m here to help you learn to invoke more of the magic of your soul and actualise the possibilities of who you are.

To be led by soul truth and your deepest soul knowing.

So that you can illuminate the world with your soul legacy destiny into the hearts of the soul clients who are waiting for you.

I am deeply honoured to walk alongside you dear one.

I’m Francesca

Welcome beauty.
I’m Francesca – a Heart Alchemist, Sacred Space Holder, Modern day Priestess and Mystic.


The sacred medicine I bring into the world is my deep heart presence.

I weave together body-mind medicine, ancient healing practices and ritual to support womxn like you to trust their deepest knowing and embody the soul legacy gifts they came here to share.

I am devoted to supporting you to ignite your life essence, vitality and joy through learning to turn towards yourself and meet yourself in new ways.

Within the memories of pain we hold in our bodies, is a wellspring of our life force energy waiting to be unlocked and reclaimed.

This is the sacred awakening journey of coming to rest in our heart and our embodied wholeness.

My wish for you is to feel the sweet and tender journey of remembering this ancient knowing you carry deep in your cells.

I’m here to support you to live your soul aligned path.

As a heart and soul whisperer, I will mentor you in the weaving of your desires, dreams and soul destiny into being.

I feel so honoured to co-create magic together and weave new fields of possibility and desire.

Let us walk the beauty way together as you light up the world through invoking the magic of the unique soul work you are here to share.

My whole heart is with you.