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Heartful Counselling
for Women

Awaken · Transform · Evolve

Inside every woman is an innate yearning to know herself and to evolve into their most authentic self.

To trust in the internal compass of her awakened heart, soul voice and body wisdom.

To awaken her inner healer.

Nervous system healing


Where brain science meets heart, body, & soul wisdom

Somatic Counselling

Reclaim your authentic self through somatic counselling which will support you to cultivate embodiment and self-connection through integration your heart, mind and body.

Conscious Parenting

Embrace the transformative journey of motherhood through attachment, neuroscience, trauma-informed and conscious parenting approaches.

Hi, I'm Francesca Redden. I'm so glad you're here.

I'm a somatic counsellor who supports people to awaken their true self and reclaim their innate body wisdom through nervous system healing. I'll support you to awaken your own inner healer. I'll help guide you to excavate the gifts hidden within your deepest wounds. I've undergone my own personal healing for 15 years and am committed to ongoing inner work. Because of this, I'm able to meet you in your pain and sit with you in your darkest places as you come back home to yourself. I also draw upon 11 years of integrating attachment, neuroscience, trauma-informed and conscious parenting approaches in my parenting and have a deep understanding of how to support healing in the family system.

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