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Embody Your Heart Wisdom

I help women to live their life deeply anchored to their inner compass of heart wisdom and sacred soul purpose.

Our bodies hold the stories of our past experiences and offer a portal of awakening and transformation.


Somatic Psychotherapy

Reclaim your authentic self through body-based psychotherapy practices.

Conscious Parenting

Embrace the transformative journey of motherhood through embodiment practices that will connect to your inner wisdom.

Hi, I'm Francesca.

I help women to live their lives connected to their deepest inner wisdom and heart knowing.

Many women are feeling a deep sense of loss from being severed from the inner wellspring of their heart and body wisdom due to the busyness of modern life. There is a deep yearning within to reclaim what has been lost and to reconnect to the innate wholeness and sacred wisdom that lies within every woman. I create a safe haven to support women like you to come back home to themselves.

This is the sacred journey of coming to rest in your heart, anchored in your embodied wholeness.

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