Hi, I’m Francesca.

I support soulful, visionary womxn like you to return home to themselves and to trust their deepest heart knowing so that they may be their most radiant self and share their sacred soul gifts in the world.

I am on a sacred quest to help you reclaim the ancient wisdom you carry inside.

I’m here to help you to release old pain imprints, soul contracts and unconscious vows which have kept you stuck so that you illuminate the world with your soul legacy gifts and thrive in being who you are.

I’m here to walk alongside on your journey of embodied soul awakening.

I provide a safe haven where you can give space to all parts of yourself in warmth and acceptance and soften into meeting yourself in new ways.

When we turn towards ourselves and gently begin to lean in, we open the doorway of welcoming the exiled parts of us home and reclaiming the wisdom-essence and magic they hold.

We are all born with an innate capacity for healing. Through new experiences in safe spaces, you can begin to gently complete and reorganise old patterns of protection and survival.

To breathe into your cells new experiences of warmth and reclaim your vitality and joy.

I’ll guide you to soften into a new relationship with your heart, body and soul.

I’ll support you to align with nature’s rhythms and to receive the support of the helpers in the unseen realms to grow the capacity of your body in embodied earth wisdom.

There is a wholeness and wisdom that is already inside you, waiting to be remembered.

Thankyou for having the courage to show up here wholeheartedly.

I’m here to walk beside you as you rewild yourself to ignite your inner Visionary, Heart Warrior and Mystic.

There is no more precious gift you can give to yourself and to our planet.

My Story

I live on the magical coast of Tasmania, Australia with my husband and two children, and I feel a deep soul love for the beauty of this land.

My soul song is deeply rooted in breathing in the ocean and mountain beauty of this land.

My own journey of remembering my heart, body and soul wisdom has inspired me to walk alongside you.

I left the corporate world of journalism and public relations and the culture of striving to follow the calling of my soul. I learnt that perfectionism, over-giving and leaking energy in striving is not sustainable.

I experienced what happens when I do not listen to my body and intuition and the burnout that follows.

That opened up a path for me to weave my life in alignment with my deepest soul knowing and unlock my soul gifts.

I learnt the magic of actualising my soul legacy through alchemising my wounds into my gifts.

That’s why I am devoted to helping you to share your soul gifts and rise into embodying the full magnificence of your soul.

Right now, we are being called to rise and live in alignment with our highest soul truth.

To transmute conditioning and survival imprints that have kept us small so that we can shine the light of our soul gifts into the world.

And be moved by our deepest soul knowing.

I feel truly honoured to accompany you on the path of embodied soul awakening and living a life of soul-led joy.

 HowI Work

My holistic approach is rooted in ancient wisdom which honours the wisdom of the body-mind-heart-soul connection. I use body-energy medicine which weaves together Somatic Experiencing, self-compassion, neuroscience, energy wisdom and ancient healing modalities. I attune deeply to the individual needs of your heart, body and soul through earth medicine, ancestral reverence, feminine embodiment, somatic practices and ritual.

I have created the Somatic Alchemy Method to support you to activate the Five Wisdom Gateways that open you to embodying the full magnificence of your soul:

Earth Wisdom
Body Wisdom
Heart Wisdom
Energy Wisdom
Soul Wisdom

My intention is to help you illuminate your soul legacy in the world through awakening these Wisdom Gateways within you.

As a Mentor and Intuitive Soul Guide, I integrate many different body-soul-energy modalities and attune to the unique support that your nervous system is needing to re-remember your blueprint for wholeness within.

Some of the body-soul-energy modalities that I integrate include:

Somatic Experiencing

Energy & Soul Medicine

Quantum Healing

Internal Family Systems

Somatic Touch Skills

Mindful Self Compassion

Somatic Mindfulness

Neurobiological Inner Parts Work

Interpersonal Neurobiology

Ancestral Medicine

Astrology Level 1

Aware Parenting

Non-violent Communication

Acknowledgement of Country

I, Francesca Redden, would like to offer my respects to the custodians of Lutruwita. I would like to acknowledge the Muwinina people of Nipaluna (Hobart) as the traditional and ongoing custodians of the place I am based.
I see, and I feel the deep and undying spiritual connection the Muwinina people have here.

I acknowledge the significance of that connection and the importance of their custodial role in this place. Nipaluna (Hobart) is such a wonderfully unique and special place and I am grateful for the opportunity to stand on this sacred land and experience all its beautiful energy due to the love, care and rituals the Muwinina people have embodied in this land for thousands of years.

I openly share my respect to all the Elders of the Muwinina people across time and recognise their amazing leadership within the community. I acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded here and I honour the Muwinina people’s custodianship of this place now, and always.

~ Francesca Redden

Written by Louise O'Reilly, Ascension Personal Development Academy