Embodied Self Compassion

4-week Sacred Heart Journey

A self paced 4-week online heart journey to support you to come home to your heart and transform your inner voice to one of compassion and kindness. I offer you a heart map of heartful embodiment practices and ancient wisdom to help you rewire neural pathways of soothing to soften into whole-bodied, wholehearted self compassion. Through awakening your Compassionate Self, you can soften into living heartfully and wholeheartedly.

Way of the Luminous Heart

7-Month Trauma-Informed Practitioner Training

A 7-Month Practitioner training for trauma trained practitioners in somatic healing and energy medicine rooted in the heart. Deepen your work with clients by integrating somatic healing, energetics and heart healing practices. A globally accredited training with the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT.) Through the Way of the Luminous Heart™, learn how to listen to the story of the body and heart to support clients to return to their blueprint of safety.