Embodied Self Compassion

4-week Sacred Heart Journey

A self paced 4-week online heart journey to support you to come home to your heart and transform your inner voice to one of compassion and kindness. I offer you a heart map of heartful embodiment practices and ancient wisdom to help you rewire neural pathways of soothing to soften into whole-bodied, wholehearted self compassion. Through awakening your Compassionate Self, you can soften into living heartfully and wholeheartedly.


An 8-week Soul Journey

Deepen into your Heart, Body & Soul Wisdom

An 8 week sacred journey to DEEPEN into your Heart, Body & Soul Wisdom. Expand into a deeper connection with your innate knowing through invoking archetypal wisdom, embodied practices, earth wisdom, somatic meditations and ritual. We will gather together in a haven for soul to support you to live earthed in embodied soul wisdom in the full magnificence of your soul.