1:1 Embodied Mentoring

My heart is so full of joy that you are here.

My sacred intention as a Mentor and Soul Guide is to help you return home to who you truly are.

I’m here to help guide you to fully reclaim the wisdom you hold within you so that you can share your magic, medicine and soul gifts that you came here to.

I’m devoted to helping you be led by the wisdom of your body and heart as you share your legacy and birth your visions into being.

My desire is to help you deepen into intimacy with yourself, your body, your heart and with life.

So that you can touch the hearts you came here to serve as part of your destiny from a place of deep safety in your body.

My work is grounded in the nervous system. I interweave somatic healing, energy medicine and rituals rooted in earth medicine.

This is your time.

Our deepest homecoming emerges from the descent into our body and heart.

You know deep in your heart that you are here to birth your vision and change lives.

Within your body you carry the most profound wisdom that you’ve carried lifetimes that are ready to be birthed.

I’m here to help you unlock the wisdom from within the stories that you carry within your body.

My mentoring spaces are rooted in safety and heart presence.

Where your body can soften into new pathways of embodied safety.

I’ll support you to gently expand the capacity of your nervous system to be able to hold more of the full brilliance of who you are and your visions.

We will follow the story of your body and go to the place underneath your words.

From this place, I’ll support you to release the beliefs being held in your body so that you become more of who you really are.

I’m here to help you become fully embodied and rooted in your soul gifts, magic and wisdom and to support you to birth your visions into the world.

My Mentoring is a perfect match for YOU if:

You have done a lot of inner healing work and are ready to go deeper.

You know who you are and your Soul Purpose. But sometimes fear, self doubt or self sabotage cuts you off from receiving everything you desire.

You’re not afraid to deep dive into the body to transform your old beliefs and stories and alchemise them into your wisdom.

You’re heart and body led and are committed to showing up 100% for your own inner experience, reactions, shadow, beliefs, blocks and fears.

You feel 100% ready for deep, change-your-life transformation and to expand into your next level of leadership.

1:1 Mentoring Packages

I offer limited places for a bespoke1:1 Mentoring journey with me. My Mentoring container is an intimate, deep and potent space to support for you to fully embody your soul gifts, wisdom and leadership. My spaces are founded on safety. I integrate gentle nervous system healing practices and somatic healing to support you to birth your business from a foundation of safety in your body.