1:1 Embodied Soul Mentoring

My heart is so full of joy that you are here.

My sacred intention is to support you to remember the ancient wisdom within you so that you can share your unique soul gifts that you came here to share.

I’m devoted to helping you live your most soul-aligned path and invoke the highest expression of your soul dreams.

My desire is to help you nurture a deeper connection with yourself and your soul so that you can unlock the full magic of possibilities of your destiny.

I’m all about weaving the wisdom of our body and heart with soul work, energy medicine and earth wisdom.

Invoking Your Soul Legacy

Mother Earth is calling for a soul-led revolution of our hearts where we live in radical embodied alignment and harmony with our soul, with each other and with the earth.

Our deepest awakening unfolds in the depths of our heart where we embody our soul knowing and truth of why we are here.

Through radical compassion and fierce wild-hearted love for all the parts of ourselves, we can open to sharing our unique soul song in the world.

I’m here to help you retrieve the lost and fragmented parts of you, welcoming them home into their primordial belonging.

Within each of the lost pieces of your soul is the magic and wisdom of your sacred medicine gifts.

I’ll hold you in embodied heartful, soulful presence to bring in reparative healing experiences where you are welcomed with warmth and resonance.

From this place, your capacity to be in your body grows, softening heart walls and completing survival patterns so that they can evolve into wholehearted, whole-bodied and restorative ways of being aligned with your soul blueprint.

When descending into the depths of the body on our soul awakening, we meet the unmetabolised experiences that were too much and too fast.

Our pain offers a sacred gateway to access our innate wholeness as we reimagine our stories and remember the truth of who we really are.

For our soul to make the greatest impact we are here to make for humanity we need to be supported to complete old trauma and pain cycles that allow us to show up and expand into the embodied radiance of our soul field.

I’ll help you honour the vessel of your body as the portal of your sacred soul initiation and homecoming.

My mentoring is woven with ancient medicine practices and energy and soul medicine.

We will follow the story of your body and go to the place underneath your words, working at the level beneath conscious awareness.

From this place, I’ll support you to release any unconscious vows, soul contracts and limiting core beliefs being held in your body so that you can expand into your embodied soul awakening.

My quest is to help you to know your expanded radiance and unlock the magic and blueprint of your dreaming contained with your soul.

We all have a sacred responsibility to live in deep alignment with our highest soul truth and to share the legacy gifts encoded within us that we are here to share.

I’m here to energise you to rise into sharing your gifts with the world.

As Your Mentor, I Am Devoted to Helping You to:

Align with your soul to live the most soul-enriched life, moved by your deepest knowing.

Tune into the rhythm of the earth and your own soul.

Transmute old imprints of pushing and struggling and rest into a deep trust in your own wisdom.

Reimagine your story and redream the world.

Complete old survival patterns in the body to reauthor your story.

Transform survival patterns of hiding and staying small to support you to embody your soul magnificence.

Weave in somatic sacred vow and contract practices that support you to embody your soul’s highest truth.

Unlock the wisdom messages your body and soul is sharing with you, reigniting your vitality and inner heart warrior self.

Alchemise your sacred wounds into your soul gifts.

Awaken to the next level activation of your soul that will invoke you to take up more space in the world and embody the magnificence of your soul.

Embody the magnificence of your soul and actualise your soul legacy destiny through the Five Sacred Gateways – Heart Wisdom, Body Wisdom, Earth Wisdom, Energy Wisdom and Soul Wisdom.

Rebirth the next evolution of your soul to bring your soul legacy to earth.

Who I Work With

I offer depth, soul-led mentoring where I walk beside you to support you to embody the full expression of your soul.

Mentoring support is not therapeutic counselling for people who are in crisis or experiencing acute trauma symptoms which require focused therapeutic support.

As a mentor, I’m here to support you to alchemise your sacred wounds into your sacred gifts and to share your legacy.

My embodied soul mentoring is for the womxn who has already been walking a soul awakening path and is ready to go deeper.

It is for the womxn who has been on a journey of exploring their inner world with embodiment and intuition and already has the capacity to call in resources and be present in their body.

The one who is seeking to expand, deepen and evolve their soul embodiment to the next level.

The one who is ready to stop hiding and keeping small to expand into the full luminosity of soul.

The one who feels a whole body yes to exploring energy, soul and earth medicine to live led by soul.

The visionary who seeks to embody her soul and expand in the next level of their soul leadership.

The one who is in devotion to being self-responsible for their shadow and to embodying both their vulnerability and the highest expression of their soul.

The soul who is ready to reimagine their story and alchemise their conditioning to be who you truly are and share the legacy you came here to share.

If you feel a felt-sense resonance and body yes as you feel my soul words, message me to explore possibilities of how we may co-create magic together.

1:1 Soul Alchemy Mentorship Packages

I offer 6 month Soul Alchemy Mentoring packages with the option of weekly or fortnightly 50 minute sessions to support your soul transformational journey. My Soul Alchemy container is an intimate, sacred and potent space that provides the depth support for you to ignite and expand into the highest expression of your soul. I will walk beside you as a Mentor and Soul Guide supporting you to expand your soul and energy medicine gifts and embody your sacred leadership so that you can make the impact on the world your soul legacy gifts are here to ignite.

Sessions are available online on Zoom.